No Survivors in Yesterday's Air Algerie Plane Crash: All 118 who were aboard were killed. One of the flight recorders is being examined. Bad weather is the presumed cause.

Survivor of Wednesday's Taiwan Plane Crash Crawled Out, Phoned Her Father: She asked him to come right away to get her. There are 10 survivors total, 48 dead.

Australia and the Netherlands Send Police to Ukraine Site of Downed Malaysian Airlines Plane: It's being stressed that they are unarmed and only there to bring back remains of the nationals of those countries who perished. But elsewhere, it's clear that another objective is to secure and investigate the probably-already-compromised crash site.

And This Week's Airliner Death Toll Is 450: I know not what to say.

Will There Be a Weeklong Ceasefire in Gaza? John Kerry is trying to make it happen.

Yesterday, a UN Report Said Isis Ordered Every Woman and Girl in Mosul to Undergo Female Genital Mutilation: Is "undergo" the right verb here? Now Isis denies it, and the UN report appears questionable. So that's good, relatively speaking, in a world one can barely comprehend?

The British Poultry Industry: Gross, gross, GROSS.

Skittles Seahawk Wants More Skittles: Marshawn Lynch is reportedly not going to show up to Seahawks training camp because he wants more millions of dollars... which is maybe less horrible than it sounds, since at age 28, he's considered to be getting old and the team may cut him anyway. Wait—remember when the streets of Seattle were paved with Skittles?! Wasn't he just our hero?!?!

Mariners Trade a Stephen Pryor for a Kendrys Morales: "In the search for offensive help, the Seattle Mariners decided to bring back someone who has actually had some hitting success at Safeco Field," the Seattle Times says. Cheeky!

Tour de France Stage 19! Spoiler alert!!!

N.B. I don't want to be in any way inappropriate, but is anyone else still unsettled by mourning on Twitter of the kind at the top of this post?