Kelly O is brave enough to see Crypts tonight.
  • kelly o
  • Kelly O is brave enough to see Crypts tonight.

Block Party starts in five hours! Do you have sunscreen? Do you have a neon fanny pack? Do you have a pot brownie to eat right before you walk in (not actually recommended)? Most importantly, do you know who you're going to see? We do! Sort of! The Stranger staff answers the question: Who are you seeing today at Block Party?

KELLY O:" I wanna see Crypts (9:30 pm, Cha Cha Stage) because I once did a photo shoot with them, and somehow (WEIRD!) I ended up with a bunch of fake blood on my shoes. I'm also looking forward to them shaking up the pervasively pleasant Block Party band lineup, as my co-worker and writer Dave Segal says in our Block Party guide with their "antagonistic gothic-noise ordeals that they call songs."

KATHLEEN RICHARDS: "I want to see Constant Lovers (7 pm, Neumos Stage) because Bethany Jean Clement described their live show as “rib-cage rattling,” which sounds delightful! Far too much music is experienced with ears instead of sternums. I also want to see Tacos! (6:45 pm Cha Cha Stage) because I’m secretly hoping that real-life tacos will be involved in their live set, because I’ll probably be hungry by then. Also: They have a song called “Sexy Nap.” And I'll probably check out Sandrider (9:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) because every metal head on Capitol Hill will be in one place at one time! And they’ll all be stoned out of their minds!"

DAVE SEGAL: "I'm going to see Dust Moth (5:45 pm, Neumos Stage) because Trent Moorman used the words “precision” and “pulchritude” in describing them, and XVIII Eyes’ compelling Irene Barber is the vocalist. I reviewed Odesza's (7:45 pm, Main Stage)—an electronic duo from this city who’ve kind of blown up over the last year—CHBP set from last year, and I want to see how they have changed since then. And I'm going to see Man or Astro-Man? (9:30 pm Vera Stage) because these Southern goofballs always give you big retro-futurist/garage-rock bang for your buck."

EMILY NOKES: "I'm going to be all over the place, zipping in and out of shows like a drunk hummingbird, but if I had to guess what future Emily will do, I bet I'll see A$AP Ferg (6:30 pm, Main Stage) becau$e he'$ famou$ and ha$ a dollar $ign in hi$ name. And I bet I'll run back and forth between Childbirth (5 pm, Vera Stage) and Neighbors (6 pm, Barboza Stage) because they are great local bands with regular words as band names. I'm also compelled to see Eternal Bad (7:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) based on Krishanu Ray's gem of a blurb about them in the Block Party guide":

Right off the bat, I'm getting some Nirvana vibes from these guys. Sort of a heavy, electric-guitar-driven sound with a male vocalist doing a bit of wailing on top. They seem to be playing music from a different era, which is fine. Music doesn't have to be about doing what's trendy right now, it can just be about finding a sound you like and sticking with it, forever. So if you believe in the power and truth of grunge, there's no reason why you shouldn't give these guys a shot.