The Grey Lady Wants Some Green Bud: The New York Times editorial board comes out in favor of the legalization of pot under the apt headline "Repeal Prohibition, Again." Nice! UPDATE: Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal will be toking, I mean taking questions on Facebook at 4:20 p.m. Eastern time today. (That's 1:20 our time, stoners.)

RIP, Former Seattle Mayor Paul Schell: He served one term, from 1998-2002; he died yesterday, at 76.

UN Security Council Urges Truce in Gaza: Because there's too much fighting. John Kerry keeps trying. And in the latest of the conflict's many, many horrors, it appears that rockets misfired by Palestinian militants hit a Gaza hospital and park.

Dutch and Australian Police Can't Even Get to Ukraine Crash Site: Because there's too much fighting.

Rich People Get Richer: Something called a Zillow is acquiring something called a Trulia for a great deal of money rendered in the form of stocks; the Zillow has offered $70.53 a share for the Trulia, which is 25 percent more than the Trulia’s closing price of $56.35 on Friday. Has the average person in the United States even heard of these entities? What's wrong with this picture?

US Climber Condemned for Filming His Children in Mont Blanc Avalanche: The guy says he's an "adrenaline junkie"; he had his children, ages 9 and 11, climbing in a place called "the corridor of death." Isn't endangering yourself and the people who might have to try to rescue you (or recover your stupid, stupid body) enough without bringing children—your own children—into it?!

Car Hits Woman in San Diego Comic-Con Zombie March, Children Probably Traumatized for Life: Accounts of the incident vary, but there were apparently children inside the car, which got surrounded by people dressed up as zombies and ended up with the windshield smashed in. Sorry about your shattered psyches, children; hope you're getting some really good counseling, for the entire rest of your lives.

Trailer Released for Controversial Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Episode: Also at the San Diego Comic-Con. Want to be the 1,280,160th person to watch it?