Last week I made a joke that the only thing that might keep me from seeing a partially reformed Mr. Epp and the Calculations , AKA the Thrown Epps (as the lineup featured a member or two of another '80s noise group, the Thrown Ups), last Thursday at the Central would be if I happened to get hit by a car. Well, Wednesday on my evening commute home I got fucking hit by a car; yeah, so my wrecked-up ass missed the show. Luckily there were enough folks there documenting the EVENT, so I can at least watch their dirges via teh internet clips!

Oh, and here they are playing their massive radio hit, "Mohawk Man." good! I should'a been there!

Mr. Epp (and the Calculations) were an early-'80s local punk group, and they were fucked. Uh, of course, regarding Mr. Epp I mean "fucked" as the highest of compliments. As for the Thrown Ups, well they were around in the late '80s playing music equally as fucked. Everyone in Seattle owns their Felch EP, right?