This could be your big break. Seattle group the Gods Themselves are seeking extras to appear in their next video. You need to meet them Fri. Aug. 1 at 7 pm at NW Worklofts (3131 Western Ave., near Denny). Here are the requirements:

Costumes: Men - Basic button down work shirt. Think 70s journalist outfits: wide ties, bow ties, slacks, flared jeans, polyester, etc., a plus. Women - professional, business casual attire.

Email Chris Estey at for more information.

The Gods Themselves consist of former garage/surf/psych group Atomic Bride vocalist Astra Elane and drummer Collin O'Meara and baritone guitarist Frankie Stax from Autolite Strike. The Gods Themselves open for sleazy-as-fuck soul/funk/disco/proto-rap legend Blowfly Aug. 13 at Barboza.