WILL THIS BE YOU ON SATURDAY? Could we stop by and say hey?

In an effort to figure out what, exactly, this Seafair is, The Stranger would like to attend one of these Lake Washington "log boom" parties we've been hearing about.

Will you and your boat be tied up to the log boom this Saturday? Can Cienna Madrid stop by to see what all the fuss is about? (And by "stop by," we mean: Do you also have a smaller boat—dinghy? Is that what you call it?—that can come to shore, pick Cienna up, transport her to your boat party in the manner to which she's accustomed, and then get her back to shore on time so we don't have to call the police on your asses?)

If this is you, please e-mail us now, put CRASH MY LOG BOOM PARTY in the subject line, let us know how to reach you, and tell us why your log boom party will be the best!

(Originally posted yesterday and moved up because we're still looking.)