The wit and vim of Love as Laughter.
  • The wit and vim of Love as Laughter.

Before moving from Seattle to Brooklyn 14 years ago, Love as Laughter's Sam Jayne had a rehearsal space at the Institution on Western Avenue between Vine and Cedar. It was one of the larger rooms, a grimy den up a small flight of stairs. Jayne was constantly recording and throwing Keith Richards–infused ideas down on a digital eight-track. He hatched ragtag rock and pop jalopies through the years, building up his own lo-fi touch. Like his guitar playing, Jayne's vocals somehow come off sounding lazy and sharp at the same time. However hiss-filled and nonchalantly put together the songs may be, they always seem to turn over with wit and vim. After two decades, Jayne has put out six Love as Laughter albums, two on Sup Pop, and he's seen time playing in Lync. Before heading this way for a run of Northwest shows, Jayne spoke from a Brooklyn nook.

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