What does Boeing do after getting billions from our state? "Boeing confirmed Wednesday that the largest version of its 787 Dreamliner — the 787-10, which was launched a year ago and so far has 132 orders — will be assembled exclusively in North Charleston, S.C." This is what it all comes down to: The labor force here is unionized and the labor force in South Carolina is not.

Filipinos told to leave Libya after the beheading of a construction worker and the gang-rape of a nurse: "The Philippines has dispatched its foreign secretary to oversee the evacuation of 13,000 citizens from Libya after a Filipino construction worker was beheaded and a nurse gang-raped there." The post-Gaddafi Libya is unraveling. Total chaos is around the corner.

The GOP does not want to honor the commie Pope: "The Republican Party today makes a real effort to associate itself with organized religion, frequently portraying itself as the defender of tradition and faith. So it’s a little bit surprising to see that a symbolic bill intended to honor Pope Francis is having trouble making its way through the House of Representatives — and it’s the GOP that is to blame." So it's not about God. It's all about politics.

The US is exporting oil for the first time in almost 40 years: "A tanker of oil from Texas set sail for South Korea late Wednesday night, the first unrestricted sale of unrefined American oil since the 1970s. How that $40 million shipment avoided the nearly four-decade ban on exporting U.S. crude is a tale involving two determined energy companies, loophole-seeking lawyers, and an unprecedented boom in American drilling that could create a glut of ultralight oil." In a word, get ready for climate change.

Your congress is finally doing something! "The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to sue President Barack Obama for allegedly exceeding his constitutional powers."

While a black man and Democrat is sitting in the highest office in the land: "The United States has allowed Israel, waging an offensive in the Gaza Strip, to tap a local US arms stockpile in the past week to resupply it with grenades and mortar rounds, Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon's press secretary, has said."

Warsaw, Soweto, Gaza—I will only side with those who are oppressed.

Argentina defaults because of "a bunch of fucking bond traders": "After frantic last minute talks failed to produce a deal late Wednesday, Standard & Poor's deemed the country to be in default on some of its obligations. The change in credit rating could hike Argentina's borrowing costs, and put even more pressure on the country's already-struggling economy." The problem is that a group of traders (holdouts) who bought bad Argentine government debt for dirt cheap in 2001 want to be paid around $1.5 billion. The default caused the stock market to lose billions in value today.

Ted Nugent: Ted Nugent.

The weight of our galaxy?: "[It] is lighter than astronomers previously thought, researchers have concluded. A team of scientists led by the University of Edinburgh found it has about half the mass of a neighbouring galaxy, known as Andromeda."