Them were a '60s beat group from Ireland, perhaps most notable for their frontman Van Morrison and penning the '60s rock standards "Gloria" and "I Can Only Give You Everything." After Van Morrison split in 1966, the remnants of the group moved to the US and recorded a handful of albums and a clutch of 45s. Well, I just recently picked up a copy of the first Them US-only album, Now And "Them", and found one of the tracks, "Walking in the Queen's Garden," to be an exceptional standout! Dig, them dual guitars... HUBBA BUBBA!!

Sadly, the rest of the album kinda lacks. There's filler—NO ONE needs a garage band's square take on a supper-club song like "Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out." However, about half the other tracks are good; the psych freak-out "Square Room" is great, and their stab at John Mayall's "I'm Your Witch Doctor" rates!