Oh so very few things in this sick and delicious life are as absurdly gay as BRUNCH, let's face it. Not blowjobs, not buttsex, not a kitten bush in an Easter bonnet clutching a bouquet of clowns at a White Party sponsored by Scruff. With one crucial exception! Julia's on Broadway—a "throbbing drag empire" indeed, if I may quote me (and I always can). So logically, if you put the two together, what you get is THUPERGAYNESS squared times infinity plus one. And if you haven't been for a while—or, goddess forbid, EVER—this is what you must know: The show has flipped on its bewigged head and added tons of new material. "Aside from the opening and closing numbers, everything has changed!" costumer Pakio Galore assured us. New costumes, new performers, new numbers, new breakfast items! (Try the European French toast, srsly, gurl.) So today is the perfect day for a delicious outing to experience all the incredible draggy newness that is Julia's Queen of the Brunch. But srsly, gurl, the French toast. Srsly. Julia's on Broadway, 2 pm, $15/$25 VIP, 21+.