(Barboza) Any musical project that springs out of the U.S. Maple orbit must be taken seriously. Case in point: Dead Rider. Former U.S. Maple guitarist Todd Rittmann leads this Chicago group of misfits, who also include keyboardist Thymme Jones (Cheer-Accident, Brise-Glace), trumpeter/keyboardist Andrea Fraught, and drummer Matt Espy. Their latest album on Drag City, Chills on Glass, thankfully bears some of those Captain Beefheart-meets-This Heat traits that abounded on U.S. Maple records (see especially “Sex Grip Enemy”), but Dead Rider swim in slightly more conventional, songwriterly waters. Still, these tracks flail at you from strange angles, bearing frayed, barbed-wire guitar and keyboard textures and vocals oozing suave desperation, so expect a night of puzzling, equilibrium-ruining avant rock. With Free Salamander Exhibit and Cleary Beloved. DAVE SEGAL
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(Volunteer Park) Cairo’s Vibrations—a festival that the usually correct Dave Segal says is striving to be “the most chill fest during the hottest part of the year”—looks like it’s going to be extra chill this year. Of course I’m going to tell you how you shouldn’t miss Wimps, Stickers, or Naomi Punk, because I never shut up about them. But there’s also USF—the synth-pop project of Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus that sounds like a mellow dance party on the beach while a hot-pink sun sets on teal water. I’m running out of space, but it’s also Gazebos’ first show, a new band made up of Shannon Perry (of Butts), Jordan T. Adams (of Spurm), Shane Herrell (of the First Times)—and TV Coahran (also of Spurm). Gee, all those ex bands go together quite, um, nicely. Go chill, friends! EMILY NOKES
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