Americans (Heart) Israel: "According to a Gallup poll released Tuesday," Politico reports, "42 percent of Americans say Israel’s actions against Hamas are justified, compared with 38 percent who say they are unjustified." The poll did not ask for opinions about Israel's actions against Palestinian children. Speaking of which, some 300 Palestinian kids have been killed—some of the 1,800 Palestinians killed and 10,000 Palestinians wounded in the recent fighting. Israel has suffered 64 deaths, overwhelmingly soldiers. And no, these numbers aren't the end-all story, and yes, Hamas is contemptible, but let's keep in perspective whose blood is shed.

Americans Don't Heart Their Congressperson: For the first time, a Washington Post-ABC News poll finds a majority of Americans don't approve of their congressional representative. Still, they have a brighter view of the Democratic Party (49 percent approval) than the GOP (35 percent approval).

General Dead: A man wearing an Afghan military uniform killed a high-ranking US general and wounded 15 other soldiers in Afghanistan. "One U.S. official said it is believed that the lone shooter was not an Afghan soldier, but somebody who acquired a uniform and managed to sneak on the base, though it is still under investigation," ABC News reports. [This item has been corrected; it originally said the 15 other soldiers were killed—but they weren't!]

Are You Freaked Out About Ebola? This dude says you are worried about the wrong virus, bro.

Because It's Delicious: The Washington Post wants to know, "Why do we still eat this way?"

Today You Should Vote in the Primary Election: If you haven't already, consult The Stranger's infallible, expletive-covered, fudge-dipped endorsements and cheat sheet. Or, if you're feeling independent, check out the Seattle Times endorsements of Republicans and opposition to funding parks! Meanwhile, Goldy explains why the anti-parks campaign is a conservative campaign.

Body-ody-ody Cams: Bellingham will slap them on cops. Some look like Google Glass.

Cyclist Hit: By a semi truck in Sodo and dragged down the street.

If You Want to Cross a Bridge, My Sweet, You've Got to Pay the Toll: And the toll attendees at the electronic-music festival Electric Zoo must pay, according to Gothamist, is watching this PSA about ecstacy:

That's exactly what MDMA is like, kids.