OKAY, IT'S PROP 1 THIS YEAR AND IT'S NOT ABOUT BONDS Still, we recommend you say yes to parks.
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  • OKAY, IT'S PROP 1 THIS YEAR And it's not about bonds. Still, we recommend you say yes to parks.

Not sure who to vote for? We can help. Stalled by an overly sticky envelope? You are not alone. Already voted but then immediately passed out from "the rankest lick-to-seal adhesive i have EVER tasted"? You are not alone.

Need a countdown clock to get you motivated? Here. Need a mobile-friendly elections page? Here.

Wondering when your ballot needs to be postmarked by? Today, people. Wondering if a "drop van" will come your way? Could be. Work downtown and want to toss your ballot in a "drop box" after work, or at lunch, or at any moment of today up to the stroke of 8 pm? Four words: King County Administration Building. (Can't get to the administration building? Click and scroll.)

Wondering how many people in King County, as of yesterday morning, had already gotten their shit together and voted? That'd be 226,000.

Wondering how many ballots are still out there and need to be mailed in? Nearly one million.