BALCONES Political power-brokers vs. gamers and burners.
  • BALCONES Political power-brokers vs. gamers and burners.

Local playwright Scotto Moore usually leans toward science fiction—past plays have featured interdimensional travel, a genetics researcher wooed by an intelligent lab mouse, and rival wizards who hack the deep structure of language. But in Balconies, his self-described "screwball comedy," Moore tinkers with social engineering.

Cameron (Drew Highlands) and Annalise (Katherine Karaus) are neighbors in a fancy condo building. He's a shy programmer, she's a brassy lawyer, and they realize they're both throwing big parties on their adjoining balconies. His will be a collection of freaks and geeks in costume to celebrate the latest release of his popular video game, Sparkle Dungeon; hers will be a high-end political fundraiser for her mother, whose campaign is being supported by celebrities, top politicos, and the wealthy (and control-freaky) leader of a "weird Hollywood church" that worships a tentacled creature known as Gorvod.

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