• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Jordan

Where: Lo-Fi Performance Gallery & Captain Blacks

Buy Him a Shot Of: Anything but Yukon Jack. “That stuff’s gross,” Jordan says.

Ask Him to Make You: “I’ve been watching Coneheads a lot and there’s a part where he goes ‘Mai Tai. I will enjoy it.’ So I’ve been telling people that—I’ve been making people Mai Tais and saying ‘You will enjoy it.’ It’s silly, but yeah, ask me to make a Mai Tai. I’ll do it in the Coneheads voice.”

What He’s Doing When He’s Not at the Bar: “Reading comic books. Trying to come up with tasty licks on the guitar—I play in a band called Murmurs. That’s about it.”

Words to Live By: “Cowabunga.”