The current Republican 2016 presidential favorite has had a shitty week. He's had such a shitty week that we should go back and admire how shitty a week he had.

First, he said he was never against sending aid to Israel. That's a lie, and it's a sign that Paul is trying to embrace the Republican mainstream while simultaneously staying true to his libertarian roots. This has become such a trend that Politico published a very long list of Rand Paul's flip-flops on issues like drones and immigration. It got so bad that Ann Coulter begged Paul to "pick a position and go with it."

Then, Paul was caught on video running away from an immigrant who wanted to talk. Paul dismissed the young woman in the video as doing "sort of a kamikaze interview."

The most important lesson from this week is that Rand Paul has taken some positions that Democrats agree with, but it's important to remember that those positions don't mean anything to him. He will say or do anything to become president. He's a man without principles. And even if you ignore all the evidence from this week and you think that Paul is firmly against NSA wiretapping and the military-industrial complex, it's important to remember that he's also firmly in favor of a lot of bad positions. The Daily Banter has compiled 15 of his worst positions into a list, including the fact that Paul is against abortion rights and gun control, he doesn't believe in climate change, and he thinks same-sex marriage is a leading cause of poverty for some reason.

I'm concerned that Paul could become an attractive candidate for affluent young white voters who place, say, net neutrality way above a woman's right to choose on a list of voting priorities. Paul needs to live through a lot more terrible weeks like this one between now and the primaries so people can learn the truth about him.