Quirky socks for a quirky guy.
  • Quirky socks for a quirky guy.

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room. Editor-in-chief Christopher Frizzelle is dressed today in clearly mismatched socks. It's not like he's wearing same-colored socks from two different brands either. People are going to notice, Christopher.

Second of all, you can tell it's Friday when we devote time out of our day to debate this, but we're not sure if this sock has bacon or churros on it. Ansel Herz insists it's bacon, and it could easily be bacon considering the vast array of bacon products available such as bacon vodka, bacon flavored air, and bacon lube. I just don't buy it though. I think if it was bacon, it would have more of a reddish color and be more squiggly. Those lines in it even look like ridges on a churro! Or maybe I'm seeing what I want to see because it's been a while since I've had a churro and I could really go for one right now...

So, Slog, this is the most important question you'll answer all day: