Two unconscious men were pulled out of Green Lake last night shortly after 10:00 pm.
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  • Two unconscious men were pulled out of Green Lake last night shortly after 10:00 pm.

One Person Is Dead and One Is in Critical Condition After Swimming in Green Lake Last Night: "Rescue crews were called to the lake about about 9:30 p.m. after getting reports of two swimmers struggling and going under water. One of the witnesses went in after the men, but couldn't find them," reports KOMO. Seattle Times reports "four people were swimming in the lake when, for reasons unknown, they got into trouble. Two were able to swim ashore, but the other two disappeared under the water... One had reportedly been underwater for 30 minutes and the other 45." Condolences to all.

Meanwhile on Beacon Hill, a Gunfight Killed One Man and Injured Another: "Police believe the men, both about 35 years old, were arguing near the 1700 block of South Hanford Street when one pulled a gun. Then the second man pulled a gun and the two shot each other," Seattle Times reports. An SPD spokesperson said it was not immediately clear "precisely what happened because neither of the men speaks English."

Iraq: We're bombing today to prevent a possible genocide carried out by ISIS.

American Pilots Carrying Out the Bombing: Will be better taken care of once they get home, now that Obama's signed a $16.3 billion bill to "provide veterans with more timely medical care and fix problems in the scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs department."

A 72-Hour Truce in Gaza Ended This Morning: And Israelis and Palestinians are hurling explosives at each other again.

Hey, guys? Is it just me or is there arsenic in this water?
  • Sockeye salmon/Shutterstock
  • "Hey, guys? Is it just me or is there arsenic in this water?"
Salmon on Their Way to Having Sex in Canada Are Going to Have to Deal with an "Unprecendented" Spill of Waste from a Copper-Gold Mine: The pond that holds the mine's waste metals discharged "at least 10 million cubic meters of contaminated water into nearby waterways," including "unknown levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, copper and cadmium, among other toxins and heavy metals," Al Jazeera reports. These waterways "are important habitats for Chinook and Sockeye Salmon, as well as Rainbow Trout and White Sturgeon."

Speaking of Bodies of Water: A decomposed body was found in a lake in Seatac last night, and the body of a missing woman from St. Helens, Oregon, was found in the Columbia River.

The Fight Over How to Implement Universal Pre-K in Seattle: Is "a lot more shit talk than kumbaya," Anna writes.

8-Year-Old Boy Shot in the Face by 7-Year-Old Cousin: In Texas. He's in critical condition.

Earlier Drafts of The Sun Also Rises: Have been published in this new edition of Hemingway's novel. Ian Crouch at The New Yorker writes about a bunch of the things that changed, like the very start and the very end of the book. Many of the cuts were suggested by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who read an early version and wrote his pal "a long, dismayed-sounding letter."