I've been staring at the Bubble Puppy album all day today; it's been sitting on my desk watching me (I'd loaned my copy to Dave Segal, as he wanted to audition the LP before purchasing a copy from a local shop). I hadn't been face-to-face with this sleeve in years—not since I first bought it. Jesus, just look those outfits, the hair, AND those smiles! For a longhaired hippie band, their album photo is one motherfucker of a motherfucking photo. Shit, had I never heard the band prior, based on the sleeve art alone, I would'a figured this group for Christians who softly rock. The band's photo notwithstanding, their jams ARE great, they even had a top 20 hit with "Hot Smoke & Sassafras." The LP, A Gathering of Promises, is good, too. I love this record, I dunno if Segal was down, Gathering does get a bit flowery. Either way, I hope he at least dug the killer band photo and maybe got some ideas for what to do with his hair. I'm voting for a Dave-fro, like the fella in red!