The Burien man reportedly swore at deputies and was armed with a handgun and a shotgun.
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  • The Burien man reportedly "swore at deputies and was armed with a handgun and a shotgun."

SWAT Team Kills Armed Man in Burien After a Domestic Violence Incident: "The drama began at about 7 p.m. Sunday when dispatchers received a 911 call from the suspect's girlfriend. She said her boyfriend was slapping her around and asked for help," KOMO reports. Deputies say "the man swore at them and was armed with a handgun and a shotgun" when they got there. Negotiators got the girlfriend out of harm's way and reportedly tried to resolve the situation, but "just before midnight, the suspect started shooting through the window with several weapons" at the SWAT team. So they fired back.

Looting, Fires, Vandalism Last Night Near St. Louis After Officer Killed Unarmed Teen on Saturday: As Anna mentioned earlier, the town of Ferguson, Mo., is in revolt after the killing of an unarmed 18-year-old black man by a police officer. People are taking to the streets. Last night, 32 people were arrested and a QuikTrip convenience store was looted and burned:

The FBI Announced This Morning: They'll be conducting their own investigation of the shooting in Ferguson.

Yazidis Flee to Safety After Being Trapped on that Mountain in Iraq: After a week of starvation and thirst, with parents spitting into their children's mouths to keep them alive, salvation is in sight. "Hungry, thirsty and tired, they limped across a narrow bridge spanning the Tigris on the Iraqi-Syrian border hauling their few belongings, some of them barefoot, others in sleeping clothes because they ran for their lives at night," Washington Post reports.

Man Who Allegedly Masturbated in Front of Women in West Seattle, the Central District, the University District, and on a Bus in Ravenna Is in Custody: He's been charged with three counts of felony indecent exposure, Seattle PI reports. In one alleged incident, a "UW student was seated in a booth at the Husky Union Building" when he exposed himself to her. He allegedly "stood at the end of the booth masturbating, preventing her from escaping, a university detective said in charging papers. He is alleged to have ejaculated on the table in front of her."

Investigating the Death of a 6-Year-Old in Bremerton: Prosecutors are gathering evidence against a suspect.

Teen Struck by Train Near Bellingham: He's 17 years old and "initial reports indicated broken ribs and back," but his current condition is unknown.

Second Marijuana Store in the Seattle Area: Has a soft opening today, and an official grand opening on August 18.

Record Heat Predicted for Today, Followed by Thunderstorms and Lightning: A wildfire danger warning has been issued for Western Washington, including for normally dry, normally not-in-danger-of-catching-on-fire Seattle.