Uber employees have ordered and canceled more than 5,000 rides from rival Lyft since last October, according to new data provided by Lyft. The data was obtained at CNNMoney's request when reporting another story on the companies' competition.

It's the latest in a pattern of aggressive and questionable tactics by Uber to control the car-on-demand market, according to rivals.

CNN also reports that Uber basically claims it's just a "platform" for "entrepreneurs" and is really pleased to give these "entrepreneurs" an opportunity to generate business for themselves...
In a statement Monday, Uber said, "We recruit hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to build their own small businesses on the Uber platform, where the economic opportunity for drivers is unmatched in the industry."
The company went on to imply that some of the people identified by Lyft could have been average passengers looking to make money, as opposed to professional Uber recruiters: "We even recently ran a program where thousands of riders recruited drivers from many platforms, earning hundreds of dollars in Uber credits for each driver who tries Uber."

My feeling? Do not blame the playa; blame the game. If you want to play capitalism, then you got to play that game. The system of economics that organizes every aspect of our social world only produces results that are in accordance with its unmistakable rules. Indeed, this is why San Francisco can be at once the most liberal city in the US and a gated community for the most affluent members of our society. It does not matter what your political feelings are—you care about the poor, you want immigration reform for Mexicans, you demand equal rights for gays, and so on—because politics is not what organizes our social relations. Money does that. And urban space can only reflect, be shaped by the principle social relation. Feelings do not structure our cities; markets do. This is the name of the game...
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