Soul-gospel legend Mavis Staples has collaborated with Public Enemy MC Chuck D for a new track titled "Give WE the Pride." It's one of those lecturing-from-elders tunes that occasionally surface to shame/coax young, materialistic rappers into walking and talking the righteous path. Chuck raps, "Y'all know better than that/You know why—'cuz you're better than that" and "Give 'em, give 'em love, get 'em pride/Instead of turning raps into little old traps." Staples still sounds great, singing about the importance of pride for survival over a very funky, Stax-like production. These icons are not at their best here (Mavis is 75, after all, so slack is cut), but their message is hard to refute, even if the target audience probably won't heed it—if indeed they'll even deign to hear it.

Mavis Staples performs at Bumbershoot Sat. Aug. 30.