Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of '70s Scottish rock group, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, but I want to be. So, occasionally, I'll revisit their albums hoping to finally come around, but I just never connect. I think my hangup has always been that I expect them to be more raw like the New York Dolls or perhaps anthemic, like Slade, rather than a smart rock group with well-produced albums and creepy mime painted faces (hmmm, perhaps it IS the creepy mime painted faces?!). Well, this documentary does do a bit to help clear the SAHB roadblock in my head.

This group, for being "rock burlesque," well, a gap-toothed lad's band, never successfully broke into the US market, but then they would'a been competing with, say, the Alice Cooper Group and another face painted lad's band, Kiss. Still, they were huge in the UK and their records were issued in the US—however, for whatever reason, they didn't earn much of an American push.