What kind of savages would give the hook to a man on vacation?
  • What kind of savages would give the hook to a man on vacation?

Professional troll Erick Erickson linked to a "different take on the Mark Driscoll stuff," in the form of a blog post written by Tony Warriner, the so-called "visionary leader of Evangel Chapel in Fort St. John," BC. The post, which is riddled with typos up to and including Warriner's references to Driscoll's church as "Marshill," begins with a plea that critics of Driscoll respect the sanctity of Pastor Mark's monthlong vacation:

Mark’s on vacation right now with his family. Couldn’t they have waited till he was back in the saddle rather than when he was trying to recuperate??? I imagine this is just what he needed while trying to find some rest. Cats away, the mice play. When #$%! flies in my church while I’m on holidays, I can pretty much guarantee you it’s not from God. Period. By the way, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard a response from Mark in light of these recent allegations, that would be why.

He also dismisses the charges against Driscoll—presumably from the plagiarism scandals to the fact that Mars Hill paid an exorbitant amount of money to place one of Driscoll's books on the New York Times bestseller list to all the other charges that Brendan Kiley wrote about in his most recent feature on Mars Hill—as "mostly bogus." He says critics are "actually sounding glee-ish" about Driscoll's misfortunes, which is distasteful to him.

"Yes, he’s out there, a little edgy," Warriner writes. "BUT. We need him to be that way." He quotes Martin Luther King, Jr (!) on nonconformity and concludes that "Taming Mark would be a terrible tragedy." He urges his followers to "put away your judgment. And if you have to be concerned about what’s happening in Seattle with Marshill Church, why don’t you pray for them." He concludes that if you're going to say something bad about Driscoll or want to investigate the charges against him, instead you should "Just shut up and pray."

Warriner's blog does not allow comments.