Steve Ballmer: "I'm going to open up a foundation, and we’re going to get black people in here," Ballmer said on his way home from a high school basketball game where he'd been frustrated with his kids' school's losses, according to court testimony unearthed by the AP Seattle Times.

Sean Newell at Deadspin Reacts: "It all adds up to this: prep sports, the playground of the wealthy and possibly deranged parents, are so, so dirty. Ballmer had the money and the desire to put a plan in action to recreate his son's basketball team as a winner, and it worked."

Ferguson: Here's the latest.

Captain Ron Johnson: Fascinating zoom-in on the state patrol officer brought in to ratchet down tension in the town.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon: "When you release pictures and you clearly are attempting to besmirch a victim of a shooting, shot down in his own street, a young man, and at the same time you’re releasing information…to tarnish him, then properly, there was a lot of folks that were concerned about that, and I do think it flamed it back up and has caused us to have to deal with some of that."

In Defense of the Riots: "Let’s push back against narratives about rioters being devoid of politics. Let’s find ways to honestly observe and discuss their political needs, rather than simply criticizing the nature of their response to social violence"

Yazidis: Massacred by ISIS in Iraq, according to reports.

The Precariat: Working for companies like Uber or Lyft—companies that don't consider you an employee even when you work for them—is a glorious thing.

Man Returns Holocaust Medal to Israel After His Relatives Die In Gaza: You have to read this story.

Mr Zanoli and his mother were awarded the "Righteous Among the Nations" honour by Israel in 2011 for helping to shelter a Jewish child from the Nazis in their family home from 1943-45.

The award is accorded to non-Jews who risked their lives to protect and save Jews during the Holocaust.

However, Mr Zanoli said in a letter published by Israel's Haaretz newspaper that "to hold on to the honour granted to me by the State of Israel under these circumstances, would be an insult... to those in my family, four generations on, who lost no less than six of their relatives in Gaza."

Arrested for Fake Boob Cocaine Smuggling: Ewwwww.