Scene of a fatal stabbing yesterday.
  • Bellevue Police Department
  • Scene of a fatal stabbing yesterday.

Man Stabbed to Death Inside a Burger King in Bellevue Yesterday: "The man was stabbed in the shoulder several times inside the busy restaurant, then staggered outside and collapsed on the sidewalk as stunned customers looked on," KOMO reports. A suspect is in custody. Bellevue police "say they deal with only about one to two cases" of homicide per year.

Two Men Found Dead in a Trailer Home in Pierce County: They were 66 and 20. A man in his 40s has been taken into custody "on suspicion of a double murder."

Skydiving Accident: Takes the life of a Puyallup man.

This is Cinder, a black-bear cub whose paws were hurt during the largest fire in Washington State history.
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • This is Cinder, a black-bear cub whose paws were hurt during the largest fire in Washington State history. She's doing okay.

Cinder Was Discovered Hiding Under a Horse Trailer: And she "was so badly burned on her paws she was walking on her elbows," the AP reports. Those bandages have to be changed daily. Now Cinder is recuperating in California "enjoying fresh fruit and trout," and her rescuers think she has a good shot at being returned to the wild. Why? "Cinder doesn't like people." Atta girl, Cinder!

Iraqi and Kurdish Forces Reportedly Retake the Mosul Dam in Iraq: After assists from U.S. airstrikes against ISIS militants. It's not just that the dam controls the water supply and electricity for most of Iraq, although there is that; it's also that the "seizure of the dam by the ISIS militants raised fears that a 65-foot wave of water could be released over northern Iraq."

More About the Mosul Dam and Why It Matters: Right here.

Mike Brown Was Shot Six Times, According to an Initial Autopsy: And the protests in the streets of Ferguson escalated last night. The National Guard has been called in.

Meanwhile, Ferguson Residents Are Glued to TV Reports about the Autopsy: At least according to LA Times reporter Matt Pearce:

Reconstructing the Last Three Minutes of Mike Brown's Life: This detailed Washington Post story is a must-read—built on police records, public documents, and more than a dozen interviews on the streets.

Meanwhile in Georgia: A man reportedly accidentally fired his gun while sitting on a bench, TPM reports. The bullet injured his hand and kept moving, traveling all the way across the street, and striking and killing a woman who was just walking by.

That Was Some Pretty Horrible News All Around Today—Do You Want to See What a Black Bear Cub Whose Claws Haven't Been Burned Looks Like? Yes, let's do that.

This is what a black-bear cub whose paws havent been burned in a fire looks like.

Oh Yeah, One More Piece of Good News: Several Stranger staffers are away on summer vacation right now, so Cienna Madrid will be joining us in the office all week long, blogging on this here Slog!! If you're new to town and unfamiliar with this Cienna person, you must read this and you also must read this. And maybe also this.