In West Seattle last night, 15 to 20 shots were fired from a red car near 23rd Avenue SW and SW Juneau Street.
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  • In West Seattle last night, 15 to 20 shots were fired from a red car near 23rd Avenue Southwest and Southwest Juneau Street.

Drive-By Shooting in West Seattle: A drive-by shooting last night in West Seattle narrowly missed a little girl, reports KIRO. Police are hunting for the gunmen who fired from a car just before 8 p.m. near 23rd Avenue SW and SW Juneau Street. Neighbors say they heard 15 to 20 shots; the bullets hit two cars but no one was injured.

Ticket-Happy Cop Back on Patrol: The Seattle police officer who issued 80 percent of the city’s tickets for smoking pot in public—which were disproportionately handed out to low-income folks and people of color—is back on the streets bike-patrolling, reports KOMO News. Randy Jokela is still under investigation by the Office of Professional Accountability for his prolific writing of marijuana citations, but is no longer confined to desk duty. According to police chief Kathleen O’Toole, Jokela’s citations included notes reflecting his disdain for legalization, referring to Seattle City Attorney (and weed-buyer) Pete Holmes as “Petey Holmes” and calling Washington State’s new marijuana laws “silly.”

Pugel Gets a New Job: King County Sheriff John Urquhart has hired former interim chief of police Jim Pugel to be his chief deputy, it was announced yesterday. Stranger blogger Cienna Madrid called this fantastic news, as Pugel was one of the most progressive officers in the department and a strong advocate for police reform.

Jim Pugel has a new job.
  • Jim Pugel has a new job.

Teen in a Tree: A teenager on Bainbridge Island has hoisted herself 70 feet off the ground to protest the removal of some 830 trees to make way for a new development. Nineteen-year-old Chiara D’Angelo has been in a tree since Monday at 4 a.m., and dozens of protestors have come out to support her cause. The tree-climbing teen, a student at Western Washington University, has been given until today at 4 p.m. to get down, but D’Angelo says she has food, bedding, books, a guitar, and plans to stay in the tree "as long as possible."

Murder Suspect Alleges Victims Were Grooming Boys for Sex: A sex offender who is being held without bail for investigation of murdering his two roommates in Pierce County told investigators that the victims were grooming boys for sex, reports KOMO, citing court documents. Prosecutors say the 40-year-old suspect, Richard Atkisson, said that one of his roommates asked if he would bring his son to the home, which spawned the attack. Atkisson is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow.

At least one of these in Washington State is carrying the West Nile Virus.
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  • At least one of these in Washington State is carrying the West Nile virus.

West Nile Virus Surfaces in Washington: For the first time in two years, a person has contracted West Nile virus in Washington State. According to King 5 News, a twentysomething man in Walla Walla County is in the hospital after contracting the virus, likely near his home. Officials recommend staying indoors at dusk and dawn, when mosquitos are most active.

Big Money for Background Checks: Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen is among the latest big donors to support Initiative 594, which would expand background checks on gun sales in Washington State, reports KOMO. Allen donated $500,000 to the initiative, which also has the support of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ($580,000) and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer ($400,000).

More Violence in Ferguson, as National Guard Called In: The National Guard was called in Monday—the latest in a series of changing police tactics to try to squelch protests. Missouri governor Jay Nixon said the Guard would have only a limited role, protecting the police command center, yet there was more tear gas and rubber bullets fired at protesters last night, in response to sporadic violence (two men were shot). Authorities say a small number of people are responsible for the violence—31 people were arrested.

Residents Clean Up After Protests:

Fox News Reporter Gets Cursed Out on Air: He called the protests “child’s play.”

Tibetan Monks Travel to Ferguson to Show Their Support: And are met with hugs, handshakes, smiles.

Teens Make a Yelp-Like App to Fight Police Brutality: Three Georgia teens, hoping to prevent more police shootings of unarmed young people, have developed an app called Five-O, reports Mother Jones. Users can grade cops on an A to F scale and add details such as whether they were verbally or physically abused, and see how police departments rate across the country.

These teens made an app to track police brutality.
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  • These teens made an app to track police brutality.