• Autumn De Wilde

Beck has always thrived on his slower songs—the poised ones, rowing out composed. Beck's 12th album, Morning Phase, pulls from the same decelerated, meditative current he touched on for Mutations' "Nobody's Fault but My Own" and Sea Change. Sounds on Morning Phase's acoustic, folk-based songs are sedated, saturated, and lined with orchestrations arranged by his father, David Campbell. "Wave" is a procession of vocals and strings only, moving like a funeral ship across completely still water. In the six years since Modern Guilt, Beck has kept working. He recorded rock and country albums, but didn't release either of them. He produced albums for Stephen Malkmus and Charlotte Gainsbourg. He put out a series of cover albums called Record Club. And he released a collection of sheet music for others to perform called Song Reader. He also injured his back and endured a painful, lengthy recovery. Beck spoke from Los Angeles; it was morning.


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