Last Thursday, Paul asked what we can do help protesters in Ferguson and answered it: there were vigils and demonstrations in Seattle to attend that day. But with protests still going strong and reports today of another police shooting in the area, what can we do over the long term?

In May, Ta-Nehisi Coates made waves with a powerful case for reparations, which he said we need to begin to address the systemic racism written into the DNA of the United States. And yesterday, he wrote a post called "Reparations for Ferguson."

Here is a snippet:

We are being told that Michael Brown attacked an armed man and tried to take his gun. The people who are telling us this hail from that universe where choke-holds are warm-fuzzies, where boys discard their skittles yelling, "You're gonna die tonight," and possess the power to summon and banish shotguns from the ether. These are the necessary myths of our country, and without them we are subject to the awful specter of history, and that is just too much for us to bear.

"There has always been another way," Coates concludes, linking to the NAACP's page on a Congressional bill to study reparations.

More white people need to read writers like Coates: