How far could the art dealer jump? As far as the farmers kids did?
  • How far could the art dealer jump? As far as the farmer's kids did?

So How Does a Painting Used as a Long-Jump Mat Hold Up?: Surprisingly well, Seattle dealer John Braseth said. He drove up to Skagit Valley yesterday to see the discovered William Cumming mural we wrote about yesterday, and said he was dreading seeing its condition. But "The mural is magnificent and is not in terrible shape," he emailed. "The colors are as bright as when it was finished in 1941... Bill was only 27 when he created the mural and he was under the influence of Callahan."

SIFF Calls for 2015 Entries: Do you think your film is worthy of a spot in the Seattle International Film Festival? The early bird deadline for next year's festival is October 6th. Find more information here.

"We will miss flying our Black Flags in the shadows of your sterile condos" Black Coffee Co-op is saying good-bye to "Capitol Hell." The collective is staying together, but they've got to move out of their current space on Pine Street by midnight of Halloween this year.

NFL Asks Superbowl Halftime Performers to Pay to Play the Superbowl: News that the NFL is asking musical acts to pay for the privilege of playing the Superbowl is not being warmly received.

Reggie Watts Asks You to Click Clean: Here's a video made by Reggie Watts and Greenpeace for Click Clean, an initiative to try to get internet giants like Twitter and Amazon to host the internet in a more environmentally responsible way.

You can watch all four of Watts's advertisements at The Believer.

Lindsay Lohan: Is writing a memoir.

Amy Poehler's Art-Market Idiot: Our only sadness about this is that it feeds the idea that art = art market. This isn't about art. It's about the dumbass art market. (And mega-corporations like the one that owns Old Navy trying to distract attention from the fact that they're not actually dumb, they're dangerously savvy.) But now that we've covered that, you're going to LYAO.