A 23-year-old man allegedly stole two energy drinks and some pastries from a convenience store in north St. Louis. Brandie Piper at KSDK writes:

[St. Louis Police Chief Sam] Dotson says several witnesses, including a St. Louis alderman, watched as the suspect acted erratically. They told police he was armed with a knife, pacing up and down the street, and talking to himself.

When police arrived, they say the suspect walked toward them clutching his waistband. They say he then pulled out a knife and held it up in what Dotson described as an "overhand grip."

The officers, who were still in the patrol vehicle, say the suspect yelled, "Shoot me now, kill me now." The police officers yelled at the man to drop the knife, but Dotson says the suspect did not respond to verbal commands.

Both officers shot the man, who died on the scene. He has yet to be identified.