I'm a terrible movie person. Like, I'm the jerk who sees a great movie, promptly forgets basic details like the plot/actors, and then ends up tryna retell the story like this: "I saw that movie, the one about the thing, with that lady who does stuff...she has brown hair? Oh, she's in another movie with a giant!" I know, I SUCK! Sooooooo, obviously, I'm not qualified to talk movies, much less compile a list of THE BEST fake movie bands. However, I can tell y'all who MY favorite fake movie band is—the Kelly Affair aka the Carrie Nations from Roger Ebert and Russ Meyer's 1970 film, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

I'm not EXACTLY sure who all played in the Kelly Affair/Carrie Nations studio group except for Ms. Lynn Carey; she was the singing voice for actor Kelly MacNamara. Carey, prior to BtVotD studio sessions, had fronted the heavy blues group C.K. Strong and, afterwards, she'd front another heavy blues group, Mama Lion (with Neil Merryweather).