Quartz published two stories about robots this morning. The first story is about a robot bellhop called Botlr that is undergoing test runs right now. At the moment, Botlr takes on simple tasks like delivering items to rooms. Hotel officials have tried to assuage union fears that these robots will put hotel employees out of work by saying "its workforce won’t suffer and that the robots will only augment their services." Maybe that's true at the moment, but as the next generations of Botlr improve, jobs will certainly be at risk.

A more immediate piece of robot news is the possibility that Amazon may test out their drone-powered Prime Air delivery service in Mumbai and Bangalore. India does not currently have any anti-drone laws, and Amazon operates warehouses in both those cities. This sounds like a real possibility to me. Amazon has applied with the FAA for the right to fly drones in Seattle, but the company, which has a deep libertarian streak, is more likely to move its plans to a city with very few laws than to wait for (what they perceive as) needless American bureaucracy to grind into action.