Go See a Blockbuster Tonight: Looking for something to do this evening? The APRIL Festival is pairing a reading from local authors Stacey Levine and Bill Carty with a screening of Jurassic Park at Northwest Film Forum, along with other surprises, tonight. For ten bucks, this is a steal.

Apply for Jack Straw Residencies Now: Jack Straw is a lovely program that teaches artists how to incorporate sound into their work. You have between now and October 31st to apply for the 2015 Jack Straw residencies, including the Artist Support Program, New Media Gallery Program, and the Writers Program. And if that last one interests you, you should know that the person who'll be choosing from the applicants is the newly announced 2015 Jack Straw writers program curator, Poetry Northwest editor Kevin Craft.

Finally, a Chance to Own an Episcopal Book Store! Seattle's Episcopal Bookstore is for sale. Shelf Awareness reports that Nancy and John Marshall have owned the bookstore for 22 years. Here's why the Marshalls say you should buy the bookstore:

The key ingredients that will contribute to the success of a new owner are all in place: a loyal customer base, a dedicated, hard-working staff, the technology tools to remain current and relevant, and a stellar reputation that attracts customers from near and far.

It Was Made for A High School Farm Shop: The mystery mural, of course—here, finally, is the full story. (What exactly is a farm shop?)

Best Tweet of the Day: Comes from poet Dorothea Lasky.

The Fineness of Fine Art and Fine Dining=Today in San Francisco Art: Not only is there much fancy-feasting, there is also much whiteness.

Want to Buy J.D. Salinger's Old House? It's on sale now for a little less than $700,000.

Frank Millers Sin City cover depicts what every man in the world would look like if Rod Stewart hadnt ruined it for everyone.
  • Frank Miller's Sin City cover depicts what every man in the world would look like if Rod Stewart hadn't ruined it for everyone.
Rod Stewart Depletes Global Testosterone Levels: Cartoonist Frank Miller created some of the most influential comics of the last forty years: The Dark Knight Returns, 300, and Sin City. He's also co-directed the new Sin City movie opening this Friday. Miller recently did an interview with Playboy where he pin-pointed the problem with modern masculinity. Turns out, it's all Rod Stewart's fault that there are no real men anymore.

I believe there has been a crisis of masculinity in modern times, and the 1940s-style gentleman needs to make a comeback—the sort of man who opens the door for women and compliments them and does things for them. I believe it’s a biological function of men, because we tend to be larger than women, to be protective of them. If I were to try to zero in, comic-book-like, on when masculinity went awry, I’d say it was when Rod Stewart sang, ‘You are my lover, you’re my best friend,’ rather than allowing there to be two people in his life who served two very important functions.

OK, Frank.