On August 9, as you may already know, since the story made national news, a security guard at Westlake Center pepper-sprayed the wrong dude. It began with a shirtless white man accosting pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the busy intersection of Fourth and Pike in downtown Seattle, according to witnesses and photos. The unidentified man was shouting in their faces, calling them names like "towel-head" and "sand nigger" and "picking fights" with the protesters, according to witnesses and a police report.

Twenty-five-year-old Raymond Wilford, who is black, was walking by on his way to meet a friend at the Westlake Center mall. The shirtless man spit at him, Wilford said, and the two squared off but didn't throw any punches at each other. Then a Westlake security guard appeared.

"The security guard was like, 'Stop,'" Wilford said in an interview. "The white guy was still yelling and walking towards the security guard. I was like, 'Why are you pointing your Mace at me? He's the one being aggressive.' And then he [the mall cop] pepper-sprayed me." According to witnesses and a police report, the spray blew into other people's faces and left them with red eyes.

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