• In the Red Records

Ten years ago the Intelligence released their debut album, Boredom and Terror, and instantly asserted themselves as one of Seattle’s best bands. (The group won the Stranger music Genius award in 2011.) Now you have the chance to get a new vinyl copy of B&T through the good graces of In the Red Records, which is reissuing it next week in remastered, gatefold 2XLP form. It includes Let's Toil, a bonus CD that came with the long-out-of-print Narnack Records reissue.

Boredom and Terror hooks you right out of the gate with concise, catchy, caustic garage rock songs that radiate the trenchant, suave dourness of the Fall and Swell Maps. The Intelligence’s garage rock bypasses Nuggets bands’ teenage lust and frustration for a more sardonic, self-deprecating worldview, courtesy of leader and sole constant member Lars Finberg. In a much better world, these weirdly hummable tunes would be sung by millions as they traveled to their dead-end jobs.

The Stranger asked Finberg how he feels about Boredom and Terror, a decade after its creation.

"I haven't seen the physical copy yet, but I am excited to. Erin Sullivan from the A Frames dug up his original art and that was re-photographed with additional pieces that didn't make it into the CD and his wife/Dragnet Records historian Laura Sullivan Cassidy made a photo collage of the band from that era for the color gatefold (members of A Frames, Popular Shapes, Dutchess and the Duke, Dreamsalon, etc.), and it's finally been put together as a double LP as it was originally intended, but I was talked out of. (For good reason, they work better as shorter individual albums.)

"It has been remastered so it's got better bass and less hiss. When In the Red sent me the mixes to check, I was struck by how well it holds up and happy that it sounds like the 'modern' music I like now, ONLY BETTER!

"But, yes, I am really pleased with it and I would likely cringe at what I was wearing 10 years ago, but musically it sounds like what we are still making today, and that was my goal. ‘Always different, always the same’—John Peel on the Intelligence… oops, I mean the Fall.”

You can pre-order Boredom and Terror here.