Mark Driscoll has been accused of bullying behavior by former pastors.
  • Mars Hill Church
  • Mark Driscoll has been accused of bullying behavior by 21 former pastors.

Twenty-One Former Mars Hill Pastors File Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll: In a letter sent last week to Mars Hill leadership, 21 former Mars Hill pastors allege a pattern of abusive and intimidating behavior by Pastor Mark Driscoll, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The charges include:

October 2011—Mark said in a meeting that he did not want a certain staff elder (who was not slim) to take on a certain prominent leadership role because “his fat ass is not the image we want for our church.”

May 8, 2012—In a meeting of the Full Council convened to vote on the slate of nominees for the new board of advisors and accountability, Mark was explaining to the elders that under the newly revised bylaws, the Full Council would have the right to review any changes by the board. One elder corrected Mark with his own understanding that the new bylaws, in fact, allow the board to make decisions without running it by the Full Council. Mark’s response to that elder was bullying, with some elders present recalling language to the effect of: “I don’t give a shit what you think. I’m trying to be nice to you guys by asking your opinion. In reality, we don’t need your vote to make this decision. This is what we’re doing.”

Summer 2012—Domineering and arrogant—In an all-MEDCOM [Media & Communications team] meeting discussing his displeasure over the way the team had been marketing R12, Mark said, “You think you’re the Resurgence. But, you’re not the brand. I’m the brand!

(Patheos has the link to the entire document.)

Seattle Public Schools to Review Sexual Harassment Policies: The school district will review how it handles sexual harassment complaints, it was announced at yesterday’s school board meeting, according to the Seattle Times. The decision comes in light of an alleged sexual assault in 2012 that took place during a Garfield High School field trip, and complaints by the alleged victim’s family that the district failed to investigate promptly and that it mishandled the case. The family has filed a Title IX complaint with the US Department of Education, accusing the district of discriminating against their daughter.

Mayor Ed Murray wants more money for police to meet its reform obligations.
  • Kelly O
  • Mayor Ed Murray wants more money for police to meet its reform obligations.

Mayor Considers Levy to Pay for Police and Fire Services: The Seattle Times reports that Mayor Ed Murray is considering a levy to help pay for police and fire services in light of a federal judge's admonition regarding SPD’s missed deadline on developing a computer system to track police work. Murray said the computer system is going to “cost a lot”—a report last year estimated about $12 million, plus $1 million in annual maintenance costs. Meanwhile, the city is facing a projected $25 million shortfall in its general fund for 2015-2016.

US Forces Apparently Tried to Rescue Foley: US officials said they sent a team of special ops to try and rescue American hostages in Syria earlier this summer, including journalist James Foley, reports the Los Angeles Times. Officials wouldn’t give particulars on where the rescue mission was, when it exactly took place, or who was involved, but only confirmed that they couldn’t find the hostages. The annoucement came the day after a video surfaced online of Foley being beheaded by Islamic State fighters. US officials believe the other hostages are still being held captive.

The family of killed journalist James Foley says ISIS demanded a cash ransom.
  • Nicole Tung/Courtesy of the Foley Family
  • The family of killed journalist James Foley says ISIS demanded a cash ransom.

ISIS Wanted Cash for Foley’s Release: Meanwhile, the New York Times is reporting that ISIS wanted a multimillion-dollar ransom for Foley’s release, and that the US refused to pay. Foley’s executioner had explained that his murder was retaliation against US airstrikes in Iraq.

Man Confesses to Four Killings, Says They Were Revenge: A man confessed to killing four people in Washington and New Jersey, saying his actions were revenge for US military involvement in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. “My mission is vengeance, for the lives, millions of lives are lost every day,” Brown said during a jailhouse interview, according to court records. He has been charged in the killing of two men in Seattle, a college student in New Jersey, and a man in Skyway.

Officer Who Killed Michael Brown Is in Hiding: But here’s what we know about Darren Wilson.

Speaking of Ferguson, Officer Go Fuck Yourself Released from Duty: Reports the ACLU.

Racism Explained by “Republican”-ism: A city councilman in Missouri apologized for posting racist Facebook images about President Obama by explaining that he was a “very active Republican.” After his comments were made public, Peter Tinsley apologized for his Republicanist apology.

When You Have Time: You should read/watch this powerful series from the Post and Courier, “Till Death Do Us part,” about why so many women in South Carolina are the victims of horrific violence.