• Sk8god

The Central District's own Gifted Gab has begun interstellar flight as a top Seattle rapper. Stage one saw her suture components of Latifah and Biggie onto fuel tanks of Moor Gang cayenne. Her debut full-length, Girl Rap, has readied her for stage two and beyond. Gab is a fire-starter spitting sprinkler systems at will. She's a mouthpiece made of metronome who ties the vertices of her verses into knots. When asked where she wanted to do this interview, Gab said, "Mars." And since Mars is a nine-month trip, we were put into a cryogenic sleep and shown the following dream: The scene is a small greenroom at a filming of Soul Train, August 1982. Fab Five Freddy, Grandmaster Flash, Don Cornelius, and Grace Jones are enjoying fondue. Jones is hogging it, though. Freddy gets pissed, takes his shirt off, stands on a Naugahyde footstool, and starts singing Prince's "Controversy" way too loud. Then he puts his hand on Jones's slanted flattop. Jones turns around, takes her shirt off, pours the fondue cheese all over herself, and starts kicking the shit out Freddy, stuffing apple wedges in his mouth. Cornelius tries to stop it. Flash sits back eating broccoli and enjoying the show...

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