OK, I know I was just on vacation, but Im going to take another one, because Jesus.
  • Mars Hill Church
  • "Okay, I know I was just on vacation, but I'm going to take another one, because Jesus."

Mark Driscoll to Take an "Extended Focus Break" from Mars Hill Church: Even though six weeks doesn't seem very "extended." In case you missed it, here's the Mars Hill Church backstory, first reported by Brendan Kiley, that led to this point. On Saturday, the New York Times did its own version of that Kiley story.

Head-On Car Crash Last Night in Redmond: Killed both drivers. One was 16 and one was 68.

Dead Man Found in Puyallup Fair Parking Lot: With a stab wound to the chest.

Burger King wants to buy a dumb donut chain in Canada to avoid U.S. taxes.
Burger King Wants to Buy a Canadian Coffee and Doughnut Chain: Which would greatly cut down its tax burden. "If it sounds ridiculous that an American company can purchase a foreign firm and suddenly avoid the US corporate tax system, that’s because it is." President Obama is said to be pissed.

Armed Man in a Ski Mask Entered a Safeway at 3 a.m. This Morning: "The masked gunman entered through a truck dock while a delivery was being made. He cocked his gun and pointed it at the truck driver as well as an assistant store manager," KIRO reports. "He then walked around the store for about five minutes." This was a Safeway in Spanaway. There were no customers in the store.

Shooter This Morning at Fort Lee, Virginia, Pointed the Gun on Herself, Didn't Hurt Anyone Else: As of right now, "Her condition is not known."

Maybe Miley Cyrus could run Mars Hill for a while?
Homeless Man Accepted Miley Cyrus's Award at VMAs Last Night: God, Miley Cyrus is brilliant. Seems like she's more focused on the poor than most Christians are. Maybe Miley could run Mars Hill for a while?

Michael Brown's Funeral Is Today: Near St. Louis. "Mr. Brown’s family members have said they want the general public to be included in the events."

The Cop Who Killed Michael Brown: Darren Wilson is described in the New York Times today as "a well-mannered, relatively soft-spoken, even bland person" whose mother committed financial crimes and died while he was in high school.

If White People Were Described Like People of Color in Literature: Gotta hand it to you, BuzzFeed, this is genius.

I Wish I Had This Guy's Mad Skills: How do you walk away from your life and live for three decades in the woods in Maine, where it snows a lot, with nothing?

Since the VMAs Were Mentioned Earlier: Here's the Beyonce medley every gay man on Twitter was flipping out about. It seems... fine. Not sure I understand the fuss.

Speaking of Awards Shows, the Emmy's Are Tonight: And David Schmader will be here live-slogging them this evening.