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Talking About Ferguson at NAAM: Tonight, Stranger writers Charles Mudede and Larry Mizell Jr are joining other writers, critics, activists at the Northwest African American Museum for an event organized by Pecha Kucha Seattle and Seattle People of Color Salon. It's called PKN SEA vol. 56 #Ferguson and it concerns the state of things in America in the light of the young and unarmed black man, Michael Brown, who was shot six times by a white police officer on August 9. Ferguson is the LA riots of the 21st century.

Uber Assholes: In a bombshell post, The Verge accuses Uber of masterminding a "sophisticated effort to undermine Lyft and other competitors." The internal name of the program? "Operation SLOG." (I guess we should feel flattered?) In response to The Verge story, Uber is trying to explain away its creepy libertarian tactics as good old free-market capitalism at its finest.

Why Bother Leaving the House This Weekend? There's still time to register for the 3-Day Novel Contest! All you have to do is pay $50 dollars, enter online, write an entire novel over Labor Day weekend, and then submit your book for a chance to be selected as this year's winner. If you've ever wanted to write a book, this is a great way to jump-start the writing process; sure, what you come up with isn't going to be a polished piece of writing, but it will indisputably be a novel-shaped thing. As every published writer can tell you, actually finishing a first draft is more than half the battle. Do it.

Library Misses the Point of Libraries: The new Florida Polytechnic University library is a bookless library. Yeah, a library with no books in it.

John Stamos is one of the producers of the prospective Full House reboot.
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  • John Stamos is one of the producers of the prospective Full House reboot.
Is This Peak 90s Nostalgia? Apparently, producers are trying to reboot Full House.

This Idea Won't Be Controversial at All: Is it time to take the prices off books?

“I have felt for some time that taking the price off books would put bookselling in the same place as almost all other retail,” said American Booksellers Association president Steve Bercu, the owner of BookPeople in Austin, Tex., and an advocate for net pricing. “Allowing flexibility in pricing gives the retailer the possibility of sharing changes in wages, theft, and occupancy costs with the consumer. Almost all forms of retail have this possibility, but booksellers do not.” Bercu also cited an additional advantage of net pricing: it would make discounting difficult and would allow market conditions to dictate the price locally.

It's hard to imagine the publishing industry agreeing to do this in tandem; such a move would certainly make Amazon look like the good guys.

Free Physics: The Feynman Lectures on Physics are now available to read for free online. In addition to possibly being the smartest physicist in the world in his lifetime, Feynman was almost definitely the greatest physics teacher in the world, too. This is a great chance to learn at the feet of the master.