My Twitter feed this afternoon was full of outrage over President Obama's sartorial choices. At a press conference today, Obama wore a suit that has alternately been described as khaki, taupe, tan, brown, and beige. The reason it's getting a lot of attention is that until now Obama has worn black or blue suits exclusively.

I'm certainly not above making fun of an ugly suit, but today's Twitter storm is pretty silly, especially since I couldn't tell from my Twitter feed what the president of the United States was saying during his press conference because everybody was too busy making fun of his suit. (If you care about non-clothing-related issues of global importance, Obama identified Russia as being "responsible for the violence in eastern Ukraine," promised action on ISIS, announced that he was sending Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East, and took a moment to celebrate the surprising 4.2 percent growth rate the country enjoyed last quarter.) But nobody cares about the country potentially going to war, right? Let's focus on the important stuff!