I'll get right to the point: I added [the above] photo of one of my bookshelves to my online dating profile and I would like it if other people started doing the same thing. I'm trying to start a movement here. Maybe you can help me spread the word? Of course you are featured on my bookshelf photo. (I chose your first book to show how far back "we" go!)

Thanks for being you—I grew up homeschooled by religious fanatics in the deep south but I'm an out, bisexual, and GGG feminist today thanks in part to discovering your column.

Have a great holiday weekend,

Book Lover

As a lover of both books—physical books, not ebooks—and the people who read them (particularly the people who read mine in any form), BL, I fully support this concept and sincerely hope your movement catches on. People who read books on tablets or Kindles can post pictures of their reading lists. And I hope that you and all "Savage Love" readers out there have a great holiday weekend!