• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Who: Bobbi Richi

Where: On set hosting her musical variety show, Hangin’ Tuff, at Bumbershoot.

Bands She’s Most Excited To See At Bumbershoot: Oh maaan! Well my favorite faves are some of my old faves. This morning we had Fly Moon Royalty who were warming up while we were setting up I was so excited. Every time I hear Adra Boo’s voice, I just get so happy. Other favorite faves we’ve got out here...there’s a bunch of members of Moore Gang that are playing out different sets with different people. I love them—I love Gab, I love Thaddeus, Jarv and everyone. Dude York! They’re fantastic. Rose Windows—I love them, they’re so great. I was really looking forward to Bootsy, like that was my jam. And Wu Tang. I’m ridiculously jazzed about them. Wu-Tang is for the children. Tiger style. Everything. Wu-Tang’s my favorite hiphop artist of all time.

Bumbershoot Survival Tips: It’s real wet this year, so I would say having the proper attire. Something slick. I’m not suggesting a raincoat because, I mean nobody wants to be rocking a raincoat at a festival. But maybe if you had a clear one with just a bikini under it, so you could sex up your raincoat? That’d be sweet, that’d be hot. Or just a big bubble, like Bubble Boy, so you could just Bubble Boy it around the festival.

What She’s Doing When She’s Not Hosting A Variety Show: Usually I’m eating a lot of food or playing Nintendo or hiking up a mountain and camping. I go on a lot of road trips. I like to be in the desert a lot. Usually I’m always working on something, so it’s rare that I get to do those fun things. I mean, everything I do I think is fun but I’ve been working on the show a lot so usually if I do have downtime these days I just melt on my couch and watch Pee Wee’s Playhouse or something and just get more inspiration in my brain with how wacky and awesome he is.

Words To Live By: If it’s hard and you love it, it’s probably worth doing it. You just have to push through.