So, like, are <em>all</em> of the Wu-Tang members going to be there tonight?
  • So, like, are all of the Wu-Tang members going to be there tonight?

Bumbershoot is starting soon! Are you stoned enough? Do you have stylish rain gear? (Something something joke about the festival living up to its name!) Most importantly, do you know who you're going to see? We do! Sort of! The Stranger festival-attending staff answers the question: Who are you seeing today at Bumbershoot?

KYLE FLECK: I'm curious to see if SZA's (2pm, Fountain Lawn) funky, soulful electro-R&B can get crowds grooving in the dreaded 2pm slot. Danny Brown's (4:30pm, Fisher Green) foul-mouthed, bombed out Detroit rap is the most exciting thing happening on the national hiphop stage right now. Also planning on checking out Gregory Porter (3pm, Starbucks) because his hat game is next level.

EMILY NOKES: Like always, I can't wait to Shishkaberry right off the bat. I also want to check out Black Weirdo (5:15, Words & Ideas) because pretty much everything THEESat do is rad (plus Erik Blood and Riz Rollins will share their stories). I also want to check out the Both (8 pm, Fisher Green) because, well, Ted Leo forever. Of course I can't miss Wu-Tang (9:45pm, Main), because it's WU-TANG, and did you read this piece Larry Mizell wrote? I am so curious as to how it'll go down.

KATHLEEN RICHARDS: I’m excited to finally see Big Freedia (2:45, Fisher Green). I’ve been a fan for a while but kept missing her late-night warehouse shows when I lived in Oakland. Also curious/semi-frightened to see how the mass twerking will work out (in broad daylight!). And I’ll be checking out the big headliners: Elvis Costello (6:15pm, Main), Wu-Tang Clan (9:45pm, Main), and Afghan Whigs (10pm, Fisher Green)—just ‘cause I can! In between I hope to stumble upon some great bands I’ve never heard of before. And if it’s raining (or even if it’s not), I will head indoors to see the hilarious Michelle Buteau and W. Kamau Bell (6:15pm, Playhouse).

KELLY O: I wanna kick the whole thing off with Fly Moon Royalty (11:45am, Fisher Green), mainly because singer Adra Boo is a super babe with a super voice, and I wanna drink a lemonade while she sings their song of the same name. Then, in this order, I want to see Big Freedia (2:45, Fisher Green) because, even in the lame-o rain, the New Orleans Queen of Bounce will make errrrrrrry'body dance; Danny Brown (4:30, Fisher Green), because he's my favoritest thing to come outta Detroit since Vernors Ginger Ale; locals Iska Dhaaf (5:30, Pavilion), because everyone loves them and I somehow always miss their Seattle shows; and then after all that (and after I eat at least one roasted ear of corn with a whole bunch of seasonings all over it), I wanna get ready for Wu-Tang (9:45, Main), by first seeing local goth-rappers Grayskul (7:45, End Zone).

DAVE SEGAL: Donnie & Joe Emerson (4:45 pm, Starbucks Stage), because they rarely venture across the state to shower us with their incredibly infectious farmboy soul and yacht funk. Seattle soul-jazz-funk mainstays McTuff (1:15, Starbucks Stage) have been tearing it up on the local circuit for years, but somehow I’ve never caught ’em. Time to rectify that. Soul/gospel legend Mavis Staples (10 pm, Starbucks Stage) has one of the most stirring voices in music history, and a grip of classic songs with which to showcase it. I hope like hell she does her cover of Funkadelic’s “Can You Get to That.”