Whats left of the Replacements: Paul Westerberg (I think hes wearing the red pants?) and Tommy Stinson
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  • What's left of the Replacements: Paul Westerberg (I think he's wearing the red pants?) and Tommy Stinson.

We're preparing for Bumbershoot: the Sunday edition! Did you have fun last night? Do you have a Costello-Staples-Whigs-Tang hangover? More importantly, do you know who you're going to see TODAY? We do!

DAVE SEGAL: "The Days of Wine and Roses by the Dream Syndicate (4:30 pm, Starbucks Stage) stands as one of the greatest rock records and Velvet Underground homages to date. I’ve been waiting over 30 years to hear some of these songs done live. Big Star’s Third (8 pm, Starbucks Stage) is a heart-shattering, classic rock album, and opportunities to hear it manifested onstage by a large cast of fabulous players should not be missed. Negativland’s (5:15, Pavilion Stage) surreal verbal/sonic collages will be the weirdest experience of this Bumbershoot. I like weird experiences."

EMILY NOKES: "There's great local hiphop starting things off today—Jarv Dee (1pm, End Zone), ILLFIGHTYOU (2pm, End Zone). Later, of course I want to see the Replacements (6pm, Main) because even if they only play a couple hits, it will be worth it. Then Mission of Burma (7:15, Fountain Lawn) so I can bounce around to 'Academy Fight Song,' followed by Big Star's Third (8 pm, Starbucks Stage) so I can cry and cry and cry when they play 'Holocaust.' Who doesn't like a good festival cry?"

KYLE FLECK: "Because I'm a sucker for the synth-and-drum machine sheen of rap's ratchet movement, Oakland's Iamsu! (6:30pm, Fisher Green) is a must-see for me. Schoolboy Q's (2:45, Main) melancholic knucklehead hiphop is some of the more left-field shit coming out of Kendrick Lamar's Black Hippy crew, and you'd be dumb to miss out on his Gilligan's Island level hat game. I also can't wait to witness Janeane Garofalo's (2:45, Playhouse) tough, incisive take on our crazy crumbling civilization."

KELLY O: "I want to go see the art exhibits that WEREN'T censored (so disappointing) including my local photography hero Jini Dellaccio (RIP, talented lady!) who's best best known for her gorgeous 1960s B+W photographs of Northwest bands including the Sonics, the Wailers, and more. Dellaccio's exhibit is replacing local photographer Lance Mercer's photo show Before Seattle NW Music Retrospective 1976-1990—a show he had to cancel because of illness (FUCK YOU CANCER!). After the art, and probably some roasted corn, the only music I super-duper-SUPER do not want to miss today is Tacoma rap-brats ILLFIGHTYOU (2pm, End Zone)."

KATHLEEN RICHARDS: "There’s not a whole lot of heavy music booked at Bumbershoot, but luckily the quality makes up for the quantity: In this case, the riff-tastic Sandrider (2pm, Fountain Lawn) and the bearded, beer-guzzling Red Fang (3:45pm, Fountain Lawn) are two of the Northwest’s finest (and most accessible) metal bands, and they’re sure to get the blood of even the most riff-averse warmed up. I’m of course going to check out the Replacements (6pm, Main) because HOLY SHIT IT’S THE REPLACEMENTS, and then, just for some real cognitive dissonance, Richmond, Calif. rapper Iamsu! (6:30pm, Fisher Green), who’s been popular in the Bay Area for a couple years now. (Although I do not endorse pussy-beating.) I imagine Startalk with Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman (2:30pm, Bagley) will be a pretty hilarious and informative conversation about Bumbershoot’s existence in the cosmos."