There isnt a ton of local news this morning, so lets look at photos of the volcano erupting in Iceland.

No One's Very Worried About This Volcano That's Been Erupting in Iceland All Weekend: There's about a mile-long fissure in Iceland's Bárðarbunga volcano that's been smoking a lot and burping out cool molten Earth, and by cool I mean hot. These photos were taken by Ármann Höskuldsson at the University of Iceland. (University researchers have allowed us to republish the photos here so long as we link to their Facebook page and their Institute of Earth Sciences page.) There have been a bunch of earthquakes. This eruption is not happening under a glacier, so there are no worries about flooding. Iceland's meteorological agency has called the eruption "calm, but continuous." There have been aviation alerts, but they keep getting lifted because this eruption is so damn chill.

Lynnwood Man Held in North Korean Hard Labor Camp: Pleads for help.

Olympic National Park Ban Drones: Thank you, Olympic National Park. Meanwhile, in other national parks, "drones have crashed into lakes and springs and flown too close to bison."

Eight People and a Dog Were Saved After Their Boat Capsized Off Bainbridge Island: The rescue was thanks to a civilian vessel nearby that "brought three people aboard, while the others clung to its sides until the Coast Guard boat arrived about 8:15 p.m. and recovered all eight people along with their dog."

Bellevue Family Comes Home to Find Strange Car in Their Driveway: Turns out, it was an alleged burglary in progress.

The Replacements Delivered the Hits at Bumbershoot Yesterday: And forgot some lyrics. Which is exactly as it should be.

What Should You See at Bumbershoot Today? Oh that's easy—funny guys George Meyer and Ken Jennings at the Words & Ideas stage at 5:15 pm:

Local celebrity Ken Jennings (he of the longest Jeopardy! winning streak of all time and one of the funniest Twitter feeds this side of Rob Delaney) will be in conversation with local writer George Meyer (formerly of Late Night with David Letterman and rumored mastermind of the funniest seasons of The Simpsons ever) on the topic of comedy. This is huge: two of the funniest residents of Seattle onstage talking about what's funny and why. Not only are both men hilarious, they're also incredibly smart, and they're both obsessed with the history and science of comedy.

Want to Stay Home and Just Listen to Something Today? Listen to This: It's Charles D'Ambrosio's 1990 short story "The Point," first published in The New Yorker, read aloud by the fiction writer Matthew Klam. D'Ambrosio will be in Seattle on October 30 at Elliott Bay Book Company, reading from a new collection of essays called Loitering.