These are not the Singapore noodles that Jennifers looking for.
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  • These are not the Singapore noodles that Jennifer's looking for.

From the emailbag:


I'm a former Seattleite in need of your help to solve a culinary near-emergency.

My beloved and I used to go to Noodle Ranch for their Singapore Noodles & Cha-Ca (before the restaurant went downhill and closed). Now, years later and for some unforeseen reason, we're having a desperate craving for our favorite Belltown foods. Do you happen to have (or know someone who has) an old Noodle Ranch menu or the recipe for their Singapore Noodles (that's the one with the rich peanut sauce & bok choy)?

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can render in solving this semi-foodie emergency.

I'm not familiar with these peanut-sauced Singapore noodles—the only ones I've ever had were glass noodles with yellow curry (like the photo above, but with more curry)—and I'm with Fnarf in his assessment of Noodle Ranch in reader-reviews from way back in 2007 ("It's not great, but it's not bad, and it's pretty cheap, and you're in and out pretty fast"). Maybe this is when it started going downhill (it closed in 2011, after approximately 1,000 years in business, then was briefly Dope Burger, and now is Rocco's, which has cocktails so good, it's where bartenders go on their nights off).

But! Can anyone help Jennifer out?