It's like New Pope is a figment of our collective imagination:

Barbara Webb and Kristen Lasecki are expecting a baby—the two were married two years ago in Windsor. Webb is now pregnant and says she no longer has her teaching job at Bloomfield Hills Marian High School because of it. Webb kept her life private for her nine years at Marian while teaching AP chemistry, honors chemistry, biology and coaching volleyball and softball. She was also the teacher moderator for student government. Once she became pregnant, she asked for a leave of absence—and says her school said no. "Obviously, being pregnant you can't hide forever so I tried to be proactive and professional," she says. "Really, my only options were to resign or be terminated."

There was also the option of terminating the pregnancy. And if Barbara Webb done that... she'd still have a teaching job at that Catholic school. So maybe the headline shouldn't read, "Catholic School Fires Teacher for Being Pregnant," but, "Catholic School Fires Teacher for Staying Pregnant."