Gah! Decisions, decisions. It's the first Wednesday of the month, which means it's time for the silent-reading party at the Sorrento, and I have tons of reading to do and it's so much easier to do it silently, AND tonight the reading party will be accompanied by two hours of live piano playing by Paul Matthew Moore. He's a great pianist, but this will be his first reading party. If you're at all inclined, you should go.

But! There's another thing a couple blocks away that is also a must-see. Have you ever seen Jen Graves talk about art? Like, with slides? It's amazing. Listening to Jen Graves talk about art does things to my brain I can't describe. And tonight she's showing slides and talking about the art of the Genius Award finalists in visual art: C. Davida Ingram, Emily Gherard, and Glenn Rudolph. It's hard to think of three artists who are more different than these three are from each other.

Sooooo... even though no one likes the reading party more than I do, I'm going to the Frye. And you should too—everyone who's waited in stand-by at the Frye for these Genius Showcases so far has gotten in. (You show up by 5:30, put yourself on a list, join everyone for drinks in the lobby, and the show starts at 6:15.)