Erik Blood: Delivering 4 meditative grooves to you, just because hes a nice guy.
  • Kelly O
  • Erik Blood: Delivering "4 meditative grooves" to you, just because he's a nice guy.
The Black Constellation Is in Full Effect This Week: But first, what is the Black Constellation? It's a loose affiliation of local lights that includes OC Notes, THEESatisfaction, Shabazz Palaces, and Erik Blood. Tomorrow, the part of this constellation that goes by the name Shabazz Palaces will perform at the Frye Art Museum. Those who have not heard or got their hands on SB's new album Lese Majesty need to get their heads checked. Today, Erik Blood, a producer and musician who is one of the nominees for the 2014 Music Genius Award, dropped some new and moody beats that you can download here. Blood's words:
This is a collection of 4 meditative grooves meant for solo listening. Canon 2 features vocals by Andrew Prinz of Mahogany and Canon 3 features Palaceer Lazaro and Fly Guy Dai of Shabazz Palaces.

I decided to release it today because of the chill growing in the air that tells us autumn is upon us and it's time for introspection.

It's yours for free!

Move Over, "Coffee & Wine": There's a new Jinkx Monsoon video coming to town (and it features a B-52!):


Seattle Rep Announces Casting for All the Way and The Great Society: Robert Schenkkan’s diptych about LBJ will star Jack Willis as Johnson (he played the part in the recent Oregon Shakespeare Festival production), Kenajuan Bentley as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (ditto), and some Seattle regulars including Reginald André Jackson, Michael Patten, and Michael Winters. Tickets are on sale now.

The Trailer for the 2014 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Is Here!: Created by the one and only Clyde Petersen, and very nice:

Changes at Amazon: Shelf Awareness reports that Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak is retiring in 2015, and Amazon books editor Kevin Nguyen is moving from Amazon to weird Netflix-for-e-books service Oyster.

Holy Shit, More Murakami? Not only is there a bonus novella by Haruki Murakami coming out this year, next year will see the release of new English translations of two of Murakami's earliest novels, Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973. This is a golden age to be a Murakami fan.

Wait, Books Aren't Fact-Checked? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha NOPE.